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ABB appeared at the 2023 World Clean Energy Equipment Conference, the new green chapter of Wisdom Spectrum

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  • Author:ABB China Electrical Division
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  • Release time:2023-08-28
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ABB appeared at the 2023 World Clean Energy Equipment Conference, the new green chapter of Wisdom Spectrum


  • Categorize:Industry Information
  • Author:ABB China Electrical Division
  • Source:China Industrial control network
  • Release time:2023-08-28
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• With the theme of "ABB Electric Drives Energy Transformation, Wisdom Green New Chapter", innovative products and technologies in the field of clean energy will be showcased

• China provides 50% of wind power equipment and 80% of photovoltaic module equipment to the world, and ABB, as the preferred partner of Chinese customers, provides technical support for the development of the industry




The 2023 World Clean Energy Equipment Conference was held in Deyang City, Sichuan Province from August 26 to 28. The theme of this conference is "Green Earth, Smart Future", aiming to create an international exchange platform for connecting global industrial innovation resources and promoting supply and demand of industrial chain.

Following the parallel forum on "Innovation and Development of Energy Substitution and Energy-saving Technology and Equipment" attended by ABB last year, ABB (booth No. : T083-85) brought the latest smart park energy management, clean power generation, energy storage and key power supply solutions to the conference, sharing the results of emerging clean energy electrical technology from path exploration to deployment and implementation, supporting the construction of a new power system, and promoting the green transformation of the energy industry.




Clean energy is an important means to deal with climate change and environmental pollution. By reducing the use of fossil energy, it can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect the environment and ecological environment, and achieve sustainable development of the earth. In recent years, China has vigorously promoted the development of clean energy. The total installed capacity of renewable energy has exceeded 1.3 billion kilowatts, surpassing the total installed capacity of coal power, and the installed capacity of hydropower, wind power and solar power ranks first in the world.

China supplies 50% of wind power equipment and 80% of photovoltaic module equipment to the world. With the technological progress in the field of wind energy and photovoltaic and the large-scale installation and utilization of equipment, the market prospects in the field of clean energy are broad. As the preferred partner of Chinese customers, ABB provides leading solutions for solar, wind and energy storage systems through innovative technologies to reduce the impact of new energy intermittency, randomness and other problems on the distribution grid, and can realize the complete digital deployment of energy from power generation to grid connection to electricity consumption.

New energy electrical solutions accurately capture the energy of nature

High-power offshore wind power generation is booming, and large-scale offshore wind turbines and large-scale offshore wind farms also bring many challenges such as reliable power supply, safety and stability. In this process, ABB can provide circuit breakers, contactors, moulded case circuit breakers, medium voltage circuit breakers, ring cabinets, distribution cabinets and other low and medium voltage products, suitable for the internal system of the wind turbine pitch, yaw, main control, converter and auxiliary systems in each fan, but also suitable for the external system grid connection, boost and other processes.




For example, in auxiliary systems for wind power generation, such as variable pitch, yaw or hydraulic systems, ABB Tmax XT plastishell circuit breakers, S800 short circuit limiter, MS motor protection switches, AF/AFC contactors can be used for motor control and protection, and have been widely used.




Due to capacity and voltage loss, large photovoltaic power stations require higher grid-connected voltage, and need to implement a secondary boost scheme to achieve. For in situ voltage boost, ABB has a complete new medium voltage boost solution based on the modular design of the SafePlus ring cabinet, including: IP54 outdoor solution, 4,100 m high altitude solution, cable lift access solution, predictive maintenance Safe Digital solution.

ABB low-voltage components wind storage system supporting solutions, from the DC side, AC measurement and system aspects to improve the overall reliability of power distribution, such as: DC side OTDC1500V isolation switch solution, in line with IEC and UL standards; DC1500V high current switch to meet the needs of high voltage remote control; Ac side power distribution, with the Emax2 circuit breaker for 690V, 900V and 1200V systems, in the optical storage AC side, wind power generator outlet side, converter grid-connected side and box conversion line side, to provide a safe escort for new energy generation. At the same time, AC measuring AF contactor, operating voltage up to 1150VAC, mainly used for wind power double-fed loop stator loop, wide voltage coil and low voltage crossing characteristics to meet the needs of wind power operation.

With the increasing installed capacity of new energy systems worldwide, the operation mode of the power side is also undergoing great changes. More and more decentralized energy production and supply models, such as distributed energy and regional multi-energy collaborative comprehensive energy, have promoted the transition of smart energy from the initial single-point technology research and development to systematic industrialization.

Large-scale new energy access and microgrid management require intelligent and digital means. ABB Ability™ EAM energy efficiency and asset health management cloud platform automatically provides customers with equipment and system health assessment and operation and maintenance suggestions, helping the system improve maintenance efficiency, reduce power outage losses, and reduce system energy consumption. Star New Product of the year - Emax 2/E high voltage circuit breakers with rated insulation voltage of 1500V can also be used for data processing of electrical equipment through the EAM platform to optimize system performance.

In terms of electrical connectivity and protection, ABB meets the needs of new energy customers with installation product solutions covering the SoliMold series of cable accessories, AS-SA series of metal cut-bottom anchors, Superstrut brackets, grans and cable ties, providing reliable connections for long-distance transmission such AS photovoltaic and wind power, and helping to ensure a safe and reliable on-site environment.


ABB cloud edge integration of intelligent carbon neutral park solutions, to achieve "source - network - load - storage" precise regulation




ABB smart energy management solutions, to achieve cloud-edge integration of the whole chain energy management, not only to achieve headquarters integrated carbon management, asset health management, mobile operation and maintenance management and other functions, but also at the park level through multi-strategy precise flexible regulation technology, to achieve greater local consumption of clean energy, source, load and storage synergies to improve energy efficiency. The scheme is equipped with power generation forecasting and load forecasting AI algorithms, which can predict power generation and power consumption, deploy regulation strategies, and achieve a balance between low-carbon power consumption and economy.

The solution has already been implemented in ABB's Xiamen Industrial Center, where it is expected to achieve 50% clean energy replacement and 13,400 tons of carbon reduction per year through the laying of 100,000 square meters of rooftop PV. The project deployed ABB Ability™ ZEE600 smart energy management platform to precisely regulate the "source-net-charge-storage" of the park. The platform is connected to photovoltaic, energy storage, power distribution, HVAC, lighting, charging pile and other energy facilities to optimize energy management of the entire park, and docking with Xiamen Power Supply Bureau to build a virtual power plant to achieve real-time demand-side response. Among them, eStorage smart energy storage house solutions, covering power distribution and control equipment, through the smart energy management system ZEE600 regulation and management, effectively balance photovoltaic fluctuations, improve the local consumption rate of photovoltaic; The DC microgrid provided an effective demonstration for the wide application of optical storage direct soft technology.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a technology leader in electrical and automation that enables a more sustainable and efficient future. ABB integrates engineering expertise and software technology into solutions that optimize manufacturing, transportation, energy and operations. With a history of more than 130 years of excellence, ABB's approximately 105,000 employees worldwide are committed to driving innovation and accelerating industrial transformation. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including research and development, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, with 27 local enterprises and 15,000 employees in more than 130 cities, and online and offline channels covering about 700 cities across the country.

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