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Omron and Chutian Technology held a technical exchange meeting to promote the intelligent transformation of the medical equipment industry

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  • Release time:2023-07-27
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Omron and Chutian Technology held a technical exchange meeting to promote the intelligent transformation of the medical equipment industry


  • Categorize:Industry Information
  • Author:Omron Automation (China) Co. LTD
  • Source:China Industrial control network
  • Release time:2023-07-27
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Recently, Omron Automation (China) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Omron") and Chutian Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Chutian Technology") technology exchange meeting was successfully held in Chutian Industrial Park, Hunan Province. Omron product and technical experts, Chutian science and technology executives, technical team and other more than 100 people attended. The exchange will focus on technological breakthroughs and program innovation in the field of medical equipment, and explore the development topics and innovation directions of the industry.




Omron × Chutian Technology

Sincere cooperation, hand in hand win-win

The exchange meeting kicked off in a warm atmosphere. Xiao Shaogui, vice president of Chutian Technology, delivered a speech for the exchange meeting. He introduced that after more than 20 years of development, Chutian Technology has become a leading enterprise in China's pharmaceutical equipment industry, the main business is medical equipment and its overall technical solutions, and the first to promote the research and development of smart pharmaceutical factories. He attaches great importance to the technical special exchanges with Omron, looking forward to taking this opportunity to transform Omron's innovative technologies and solutions into the driving force to improve the production efficiency and quality of Chutian Technology, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Chutian Technology, and work together to achieve win-win cooperation.




Qi Weifeng, the fourth industry development division of Omron, welcomed the guests and reviewed the cooperation story between Chutian Technology and Omron. Omron and Chutian Technology have a deep cooperation, relying on Omron's cutting-edge solutions to solve Chutian Technology's vaccine packaging production line, help overcome technical difficulties, and achieve more than expected production capacity; Full range of technical support for the production line escort. Chutian Technology has always advocated intelligent transformation, and looks forward to more extensive cooperation between the two sides to promote the development of the medical equipment industry in the direction of automation and intelligence.




Bring together cutting-edge technology to support intelligent upgrading

In China's pharmaceutical equipment industry, whether it is technical products or concepts, Chutian Technology is at the forefront, especially actively exploring intelligent, information and other frontier trends. For example, the new intelligent robot pharmaceutical aseptic pre-potting system, aseptic pre-filling needle technology, etc., are improving the intelligent, green and energy-saving efficiency of the production process of pharmaceutical companies. Nowadays, the product types of the pharmaceutical equipment industry are increasingly rich, and higher levels of requirements are put forward for the core indicators of manufacturing equipment such as precision, efficiency and stability. How to achieve intelligent production that conforms to the actual situation of the production line and takes into account the improvement of quality and productivity has become the focus of Chutian Technology's intelligent upgrade.

The discussion session focused on the topic of intelligent transformation of Chutian technology, and Omron product experts made targeted publications. In terms of improving production efficiency and flexible production, Omron proposes robot solutions for man-machine collaboration, focusing on solving the problem of palletizing in the back of the production line, achieving rapid deployment, taking into account efficiency and safety. The application of MoMA can improve the production efficiency and operation rate, and has a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical equipment industry such as experimental reagent transport and material transport.



In the process of bottle bottom/bottle cap inspection on the production line, in order to detect defective products, it is necessary to carry out stable inspection of small defects in appearance. Omron realizes stable high-speed detection through the overall solution of AI vision system, taking into account the detection quality and efficiency.




In addition, product and technical experts also shared Omron safety product lines, high-speed multi-axis motion controllers, smart factories and other products and solutions, and demonstrated Omron temperature control technology, tension control technology and other application cases in the medical equipment industry. With technology iteration and innovation, Omron provides automation and provincialization solutions for industry partners to improve the production speed of manufacturing sites, help improve production efficiency and improve the level of product manufacturing.







Combined with presentations from product and technical experts, the conference also showcased Omron's evolving i-Automation! Innovative applications created by the concept, such as sloshing free liquid filling and handling, digital predictive maintenance, MoMA, etc. After the meeting, the Chutian technology and technology team closely watched these innovative applications and discussed them, and the two sides had in-depth exchanges on their product iterations, technology upgrades, and application scenarios.







This exchange consolidated the good cooperative relationship between Omron and Chutian Technology, and Omron's cutting-edge technology and solutions won the recognition of Chutian Technology. In the future, the two sides will further deepen the field of cooperation, carry out multi-dimensional cooperation, help Chutian Technology expand the industrial territory, and work together to create industry innovation.

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