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What are the main subjects of electrical engineering and automation?

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What are the main subjects of electrical engineering and automation?


  • Categorize:Industry Information
  • Author:China Industrial control network
  • Source:China Industrial control network
  • Release time:2023-04-26
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Electrical Engineering and Automatic chemistry What? Very simply, to study electrical engineering and automation.

We came to the automobile assembly line of an automobile manufacturing enterprise, where there are many manipulators, conveyor belts, and various machinery and equipment and power distribution equipment. Electrical engineering and automation is to ensure the safe operation of these equipment and ensure the stable work of electrical systems, power systems and automatic control systems.

We go to a petrochemical plant, and there are a lot of fractionating towers, and the air pressure in these fractionating towers needs to be controlled, so that the pressure balance of the oil and gas moves in the direction of the product, and this needs to be controlled automatically. Self-control, of course, can not be separated from DCS process control, and self-control, which is not the expertise and main business of electrical and automation?

In petrochemical plants, we will also see many thermal instruments, such as thermocouples for temperature measurement, Hall transmitters and differential pressure transmitters for pressure measurement, and instruments for flow measurement. These instruments are often output to the actuator through the regulator, and the regulator is generally carried out by PID internal measurement and control adjustment.

We came to a sports center, which has all kinds of sports facilities, all kinds of stages, of course, sound equipment and lighting equipment. Some of these devices need dimming, some need temperature control, and some need supporting automation equipment and data information exchange equipment. Electrical engineering and automation are very promising here, and it is their responsibility to ensure the normal operation and monitoring of these equipment.

Finally, we came to a manufacturer of power distribution equipment. If the top three enterprises and institutions electrical workers are supporting roles, here is the protagonist. Distribution equipment involves the design technology of switchgear, involves power electronics technology, involves electrical instrumentation technology, and of course PLC programming technology and control technology. These are mainly electrical professional engineers, other professional as a supplement.

Through these four types of units, we will find that electrical engineering and automation majors have a wide range of employment and are widely used.

So how do the courses you take in electrical engineering and automation relate to the job?

We know that the magnitude of an electrical parameter is not only a function of time, but also a function of frequency. We call this relationship the time domain and the frequency domain.

In higher numbers, we learned about various functional relationships, calculus operations, and methods of solving differential equations. However, in the time domain and frequency domain, the method of solving differential equations read by the higher numbers is not enough, and we must use the form of logarithms and antinumbers to change the function in the field of real numbers to the field of complex numbers. In this way, the solution of differential equations has become the solution of algebraic expressions, and the difficulty is greatly reduced. After the solution is completed, the real number field is inversely transformed.

Such transformations are called Laplace transforms and Fourier transforms, and they belong to the category of functions of complex variables.

The most basic phasor calculation method and circuit equation solving in electrical profession come from this.

College physics, it is our most basic basic course. Among them, Maxwell's electromagnetic theory is the key and difficult point.

The course of circuit analysis is also a basic course, which is the most basic analysis method of our electrical major. If we enter the electrical profession in the future, the content of circuit analysis will affect our entire career.

Mode electricity and digital electricity, it is the basis of semiconductor technology. SCM courses are the basis for our development of electronic products and the use of electrical instruments. PLC is used for logic control and data exchange, and is a common electrical equipment in our work.

Automatic control principles, sensor technology, motor and drive, industrial electromagnetic fields, microprocessor technology, high and low voltage electrical appliances, electrical appliances and other courses are closely related to the future work.

As for English, it goes without saying that it is our basic language tool and reading tool, and it is necessary for us to go out into the world.

The subject is a girl, she is concerned about the girls in the future after the job can do? Let's just say that at ABB, there are quite a few girls in the design of switchgear control circuits; In the electrical company, the department responsible for the design of relay protection lines is also more girls. That is to say, where it involves detailed work, there are more girls.

Finally, what do prospective college students need to do before they enroll?

Near Beijing airport stands a billboard that reads "Knowledge is power."

Knowledge is a must for our future work and life, a step for us to seek technological development, and a booster for our progress.

University knowledge is not so much the promotion of middle school knowledge as the negation of middle school knowledge. The knowledge learned in college is technical, while the knowledge learned in middle school is universal. There is no comparison between the two.

Derivative, for example, is a knowledge enhancement in secondary school and a necessity in university. This brings about the study of limit theory, and we will feel completely different from middle school.

Another example is Ohm's law, which is the basic law that we learn in middle school. In college, we derived the concept of dynamic resistance, including negative resistance and zero resistance. Since then, we have learned that the volt-ampere characteristic curve of a component is the ID card of the component.

Another example is the study of national standards, in the middle school we have not even heard of, but in the university we know that the original national standards are the birth certificates and technical guarantees of various products. In the workplace, people are always talking about national standards, knowledge is enriched and imprisoned by standards, and people even think that standards are knowledge systems.

University study life, in fact, is from the passive learning in middle school to the active learning in the workplace, the transition between the two.

Remember: Knowledge is power!

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