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Omron lithium battery industry technology exchange meeting was held to enable intelligent innovation of lithium battery industry chain

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  • Author:Omron Automation (China) Co. LTD
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  • Release time:2023-04-10
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Omron lithium battery industry technology exchange meeting was held to enable intelligent innovation of lithium battery industry chain


  • Categorize:Industry Information
  • Author:Omron Automation (China) Co. LTD
  • Source:China Industrial control network
  • Release time:2023-04-10
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Recently, Omron Automation (China) Co., Ltd. held the Omron lithium battery industry technology exchange meeting in Shenzhen successfully ended. With the theme of "Coordinating upstream and downstream, enabling intelligent innovation of lithium battery industry chain", the conference invited lithium battery industry partners, Omron executives and industry experts to attend. Discuss the development status and future trends of the lithium battery industry chain, technology iteration, common topics and solutions, and seek common development of the industry.




Deep collaboration and common development

Omron Automation (China) Co., LTD. Lithium industry Minister Ding Zhuo for the exchange meeting. He introduced that in recent years, with the rapid development of smart phones, new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, power tools and other industries, the size of the lithium market is growing rapidly, which has brought great opportunities to the lithium industry but also brought certain challenges. Omron has always been committed to the enhancement of core technical capabilities, in the continuous evolution of manufacturing innovation concept i-Automation! Under the leadership, we have created a large number of core technologies and innovative applications. At the same time, Omron has been deeply engaged in the lithium industry for more than ten years, and deeply understands the development trend, process and iterative needs of the industry. We hope to take this exchange meeting as an opportunity to enhance the understanding of Omron and partners, the two sides will accurately docking, seek common development, promote industrial upgrading and change, and help the intelligent innovation of the lithium industry.




Industry topic sharing

Omron Automation (China) Co., LTD. Lithium battery industry market engineer Pan An delivered a speech on the theme of "Help lithium battery towards TWh era, innovative technology lithium battery industry application", and shared Omron lithium battery intelligent manufacturing process and innovative technology in production engineering, core engineering, battery assembly engineering and other application cases. Through the accumulation of a large number of industry experience and innovative technology application, help high-speed and high-precision processing and productivity improvement.




Lin Shunqiang, Director of Omron Automation (China) Co., Ltd. shared Omron's smart manufacturing innovation business and service co-creation case. He introduced that the development direction of the intelligent manufacturing upgrade route of Chinese enterprises is standardization, automation, information and intelligence. For these four sections, Omron provides a high value-added service model with an overall solution and system integration application to help the intelligent manufacturing upgrade road of the production site.




In view of the different application needs of the lithium battery industry, Omron senior product technology experts introduced Omron's complete product line in the lithium battery industry, including next-generation products, safety products, visual inspection and traceability products, robot products and solutions, and shared the application of Omron's intelligent platform and predictive maintenance in the lithium battery industry. Fully demonstrate Omron's strong product portfolio and proposal capabilities.









The meeting also invited customer representatives to share their cooperation with Omron in technology research and development. The customer company focuses on the research and development and innovation of various fluid automatic injection equipment, especially in the research and development and manufacturing of lithium-ion battery precision injection equipment. Through cooperation with Omron, it has provided strong support for the realization of the provincialization, automation and intelligence of the lithium battery production process.




Omron lithium battery industry partners said in their speech that Omron has a strong strength in products, core technologies, solutions, services and other aspects. We look forward to taking this event as an opportunity to deepen exchanges and cooperation and promote technological innovation and the upgrading of the lithium battery industry.




Technology display and exchange

In addition to the exciting topic sharing, the site also showed Omron based on the constantly evolving i-Automation! A series of products and technology prototypes created by the concept, the two sides discussed products, technologies, equipment processes, etc., and provided solutions for issues of concern such as visual inspection, predictive maintenance, and safety protection.









The successful holding of the conference has built a large platform for upstream and downstream cooperation in the lithium power industry chain, realized the docking of supply and demand in the ecosystem, resource sharing, and project cooperation, and created more favorable conditions for the development of the lithium power industry. In the future, Omron will continue to evolve with i-Automation! Manufacturing innovation concept and innovation application, to promote the high-quality development of lithium industry.



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