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PLC maintenance


PLC maintenance


I. Maintenance procedures, equipment regular testing, adjustment provisions

(1) Check the connection of the wiring terminals in the PLC cabinet every half year or quarter, and re-firmly connect in time if loose.
(2) Re-measure the working voltage of the power supply to the host in the cabinet every month;
Second, the equipment regular cleaning provisions
(1) Clean the PLC every six months or quarter, cut off the power supply to the PLC power rack, CPU motherboard and input/output board
Remove it for a time, purge and clean it, and then install it in situ in turn. After all connections are restored, power off and start the PLC host to carefully clean the PLC
Hygiene inside the box;
(2) Replace the filter under the power rack every three months:
3. Pre-maintenance inspection preparation and maintenance procedures

(1) Maintenance preparation tools
(2) In order to ensure that the function of the components is not faulty and the template is not damaged, protection devices must be used and anti-static preparations must be carefully made;
(3) Maintenance and dispatch and operator contact, need to hang maintenance plate hang maintenance plate;
Fourth, equipment disassembly sequence and method
(1) Shutdown maintenance, more than two people must monitor the operation:
(2) Turn the mode selection switch on the front panel of the CPU from "Run" to "Stop" position;
(3) Turn off the main power supply of PLC power supply, and then turn off the other power supply to the model ban:
(4) Remove the power cord connected to the power rack after marking the wire number and connection position, and then remove the screws connected to the power rack and the cabinet, the power rack can be removed;
(5)CPU motherboard and 1/0 board can be removed after rotating the screw below the template:
(6) Installation in the reverse order;
5. Maintenance process and technical requirements
(1) When measuring voltage, it should be measured with a digital voltmeter or a multimeter with an accuracy of 1%
(2) The power rack and CPU motherboard can only be removed when the main power is cut off;
(3) Before the RAM module is removed from the CPU or inserted into the CPU, the PC should be disconnected from the power supply, so as to ensure that the data is not chaotic;
(4) Before removing the RAM module, check whether the module battery is working normally. If the battery fault light is on, remove the PAM content of the module
Will be lost;
(5) The input/output board should also be turned off before taking off the main power supply, but if production needs 1/0 board can also be taken off when the programmable controller is running
However, the QVZ(timeout) on the CPU board is on.
(6) When inserting the template, be extra careful, handle it gently, and transport away the items that generate static electricity;
(7) The replacement component shall not be operated with electricity;
(8) The template must be installed in place after maintenance;

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